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Beneficial Tools to Track Website Traffic Better Then You

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Hope you all are doing well. As previously we were talking about SEO and its process, but today we will share details about website traffic and how to measure it.

In theory website traffic refers to an amount of web user who come to a website. Website traffic calculated in visits. Which also known as “sessions” A common way to evaluate trade effectiveness of engaging peoples.

Now it’s very important to know about the tools that are used to collect information data related to website traffic.

Today we are covering two tools that are beneficial to calculate website visits. One is Google Analytics and  second is Google Webmaster Tool.

When the Best Digital Marketing agency work so hard to get traffic and top rankings to the website, don’t you feel it is so important to check the status of our hard work or analyze and optimize visibility of our website?

Let us see what all we do using these tools and how huge impact it gives us for increasing traffic and ranking of our website.

First point is that what is Google Analytics?


 Google Analytics

It doesn’t matter which type of business you are running and which type of website you are working for. You can find out the performance of the website by using this or you can ask us as we are one of the Best Digital Marketing agencies.

  • Google Analytics is a free service of web analytics which provides us the statistics and information about traffic source and traffic of the website and also basic analytical tools for Search engine optimization and for Marketing Purpose.

Reasons why we use Google Analytics

  1. We submit our website to analyze and optimize each and every stuff here.
  2. To understand the performance of our website.
  3. To know how much traffic we are getting on our Website.
  4. It can be easily integrated with other tools and services.
  5. To know the basic information of audiences who visit our website.
  6. We can choose to analyze both for Mobile Application or Website.

Next thing is what is Google Webmaster Tools?


Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster Tools is a web service which is free of cost given by Google for web masters. This is a very crucial tool for SEO.

Further we are going to discuss the important role Google Webmaster play in the SEO process.

Reasons why we use Google Webmaster Tool

  1. We can check the indexing status and also optimize the visibility of our website.
  2. Used for crawling errors i.e. it shows errors found during crawling.
  3. Used to Search Queries of the website.
  4. Used to submit Sitemap.
  5. It is excellent for security and privacy of our website.

Hence, Google Webmaster Tool is for a very fast and easy way to analyze, improve and solve problems in the SEO process. It reduces the time of analysis, so we don’t have to just stuck to one thing to solve the problems as it has various functions which reduces the waste of time.


  • A Brief difference between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool

Basically in Google Webmaster Tool it’s all about how search engine interacts with our site whereas in Google Analytics it’s all about how website users interact with our site.

Friends, our motive to write this article was to give you the idea of Google Analytics Tools and Google Webmaster Tool and what are its uses, so that it can help you to understand SEO in more depth.

For more details or any help you can ask your queries in the comment section below or contact us anytime. We are here to help you.

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