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SEO Goals: what you can expect from SEO

Well, Folks, we know you have a wonderful website to give that business of yours a perfect online presence.

First of all what is SEO? Has already been explained in earlier articles and now the main part remains choosing what you actually want out of SEO for your perfect site.

We are here to discuss some of the common misconceptions about SEO and their logical and obvious solutions.


Look forward to these out of your SEO:

  1. Increase Traffic.
  2. Achieve 1st page for your Keywords.
  3. Generate Leads.
  4. Achieve an audience worth your precious time.
  5. Or want to increase your Domain Authority.

Let’s get started with the Traffic first:

Well, you cannot earn traffic not only with SEO we need to a lot more than a healthy SEO to get a hell lot of Organic traffic to your site, which not only generates enough leads that you can spend on maintaining your SEO Agency. And also finds some increase in your business opportunity.



Now, let’s get to the rank part for your keywords that is, if you are already done choosing your perfect keywords for your different pages. Well, keywords are the best way to represent your site and services so, of-course you need to


Lead Generation:

Now let’s talk about some Lead Generation, if your main goal for that perfect website of yours is to generate leads for another reason. Well lead generation is an art whether it’s just for a gig you want to do for another project or your dream project.

Appropriate Audience:

Selecting an audience worth your time and which actually benefits from your services is a must. Well, feel it this way you are wasting yours and your agency’s time on a region where there is no way to provide the services you offer is like way off your main goal and think how much more money you are wasting on that campaign.


Now for the finale we have a very interesting fact about SEO which is to increase your Domain Authority, well DA for a site is measured on more factors than anyone can imagine some of them are as below

  1. Number of outbound links on that page.
  2. Number of visitor’s (PA) on that page.
  3. How much old is that domain.
  4. Number of Backlink (Do-Follow)
  5. And many more.

But, let’s skip the technicality for these stuffs and leave these to the agency you are hiring for that critical part.


But, simply get this as an opportunity to clear your end goal from the site and enjoy the benefits of SEO for the goal you have decided to go with.


Now let’s dig a little deeper into the above factors which were explained briefly to get your attention to the matter of the fact that you cannot assume for Traffic when your goal is Google rankings.

The beauty of Digital Marketing is that you can have traffic even without getting First page for your Website. But, if you are expecting Rank and Traffic at the same time you cannot put a pressure on your SEO agency to do the same in less time from what they offered.



There are many ways you can divert interested clients to your site and that too who are in dire need of the service you offer.

  1. Social Media Marketing.
  2. Search Engine Marketing.
  3. Quora, Disquss, etc.

Traffic is a factor which also helps to gain a lot of effective ranks for those keywords you need you site to be nicknamed for.


Well no doubt that keywords play the most vital role in SEO. For example let me tell you something very important that first of all taking 1000 keywords for a 5-10 page website is unnecessary since, it not only complicates the work process but also effects the end results.

Now let’s talk about a logical but obvious solution for these misconceptions. First of all only take keywords which are highly searched on search engines or let the Best SEO Agency do that research for you and provide you with a list of keywords which are not only been searched all over the world but also describe your site/service perfectly. Then select the appropriate regions where you actually need a ground for that business of yours. We suggest select a region where you can provide your services easily even if your client ask for face to face meeting you are physically present in that region to do so.

Then come the part to choose what you actually need out of your site (Lead, Traffic, Rank etc.)

 Now, I suppose you have all that is required to get started with the SEO part. Then I would suggest you not to waste time on overthinking about it and hire an SEO Expert who can consult you for these.

Folk’s let me clear one more thing since we are already on the topic of Seo is that try to take 10-20 Keywords top (based on relevancy and search volume all over the globe) and don’t ever listen to a guy who says that you can rank your site for every keyword you can imagine.

Common problems we the SEO Agencies face is working on keywords which are literally not searched by anyone all around the globe and even it’s not our fault clients go unsatisfied which in terms of client-business relation is not at all appropriate.

Secondly working in a region where client is not even able to provide their services is a waste of time. So our suggestion is that you talk to your SEO Expert about these before hiring them to just work on your site.

Last but not the least understanding a little about how Google crawls your backlinks is totally up-to Google you can never expect Google to crawl every link you make so, when your SEO Agency tells you that your Page ranking might be at delay because of Google Crawlers then please don’t take it as an excuse and give them benefit of the doubt.


Well, the conclusion of this lengthy article is you cannot get rank for every keywords and our suggestion is to dump the ineffective Keywords and let your Agency Focus on the Effective one’s.


RH Digisoft


Jul 18, 2018 09:20:54


RH Digisoft

liam jason

Jul 18, 2018 09:16:09

Great post on what SEO does to your website and how it boosts the ranking performance by the days to come. SEO plays an important for leading organic traffic to your page if u wanna know more about how SEO functions and how big of a role it plays in the backend of the rankings

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