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As we all know, in this era of digitalization being digitally present is as important as having a physical address for you company or business. As the world is evolving every day, so is the new and upcoming generation, as we all expect to do many things from our mobile devices (smart phones and laptops) as much as possible.

The day when everything is digitalized is not far as we are evolving in the field of technology, so in order to grow your business and have a digital presence is necessary.

Before this, first thing is to know what exactly SEO is. Now let us give you some idea of SEO and its process. Trust us it is a very interesting process and also very helpful to grow your business beyond your thinking.



What is SEO?

– “Search Engine Optimization” is a process with the intention to divers the position of your website in a search engine’s non-paid results, also known as “natural”, “earned” results to gain higher ranking on search engine’s visibility area.

Search engine optimization is a search engine technique which helps you to bring your website on top on search engine for some particular keywords.

Why we use SEO?

  • It is an effective low cost method.
  • High Return on Investment (ROI) value
  • SEO helps your website stand out
  • It increases the visibility of your website in search engine.
  • A major fire-starter way to gain traffic on your website.
  • It is an easy way to show your business as a brand

What is white Hat SEO?

We use White Hat SEO and it follows all the guidelines of search engine .It is  very  efficient as white hat SEO provides long lasting growth in rankings.

We should always use White Hat SEO.

Now let us come to the techniques we use to do this SEO process so that you can get idea of this which will help you to grow your business.

Process of SEO:-

  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • On page Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Analysis and Evaluation
  • Reputation Management


Techniques we use:-

  1. On Page Optimization – In this we make the best and most effective use of all resources and we take best measures to improve the ranking in search engine.

Optimization of the website is done according to the guidelines of search engine. By doing this off page optimization on the website we always get natural results.

Techniques includes:-

  • Keyword Analysis -In this we analyze the keywords which we are going to use to keep the website on top.
  • Tag Optimization – In this by using the tags we optimize how we can represent the keywords to keep the website on top.
  • Content Optimization – In this we have to optimize the contents like favicon, text, images, non-able index attributes etc.
  • Linking – There are three types of linking
  • External
  • Internal
  • Broken

We always have to avoid broken links.


  1. Off Page Optimization – In this technique we improve the rankings on search engine for our keywords. We do link building process etc and this process should be done regularly to increase the ranking of the website.


Techniques includes -

  • Link Building

You must be thinking of what is the need of link building and other process.

First thing is it helps us to get higher Google page rank. Another reason is that it increases the Online Reputation of the website with quality back links.


  • Article Submission - We submit relevant and useful contents to increase the rank.
  • Search Engine Submission – In this we submit the optimized website on search engine.


Like this we use many techniques to do On Page and Off Page optimization.

So friends, now you must have got some idea of what SEO is and how it helps you to increase your business online. Isn’t it interesting that how fast your business can grow with the help of this SEO process?

If you want any help from us or want to know more about SEO process and how we work, please contact us anytime you want. We provide best SEO services with SEO expert and will love to serve because our motive is to satisfy you.

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