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Now get a Used Loan Against Property up to ₹50 lakhs from RHdigisoft. RHdigisoft's New and Pre Owned Loan Against Property offers Loan Against Property with easy documentation and competitive interest rates. Your favourite Car is just a click away.

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With the customers' individual desires and needs in mind, our team at RHdigisoft guides you at every step and offers specific financial solutions. Our Loan Against Property lets you choose the loan amount, tenure and EMI period for which you need the loan.

Leave Money Problem to us.

Applying for a Loan Against Property is a simple procedure, you can apply for Loan Against Property.

Hardly any paperwork is required for a Used Loan Against Property. Almost all the loan activities can be done online without taking the trouble of visiting a branch. The only paperwork we need from you is the application form and rest of the loan-related activities are taken care through our digital platform to make your experience comfortable.

You can decide how you want to repay your loan according to your convenience. Choose from our host of options like ECS, Post-dated cheques and online payment

Our interest rates are the best among all lenders; we offer rates and calculations that benefit you the most.

You can take as high as ₹50,00,000 of loan amount.

We ask for minimal documents while processing your request.

You can get instant approval through our secure platform once we get all the information and documents from you.

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You need to meet some basic conditions to be eligible for a Used Loan Against Property. Following are the general Used Loan Against Property eligibility factors:

  • You need to be in the age group of 21-65 years.
  • You should earn a salary of ₹ 20,000 per month.
  • You should have a minimum of 1 year of work experience.
You need to submit:
  • The standard documents required to establish your credentials.
  • Proof of identity and proof of residence.
  • Income documents, ITR, trade license and ownership of business documents relevant to your salary, profession or business.

Basic documentation is required for getting a Used Loan Against Property.

RHdigisoft offers flexible Personal Loan options to suit your unique needs, whether you are looking for home extension or want to explore the world. However, to apply for a loan and to repay it on time, you need to provide a basic proof of employment and income with adequate identity proof.

We provide Personal Loans with minimal paperwork, reasonable interest rates and flexi EMI plans.Please use our Eligibility alculator to know your eligibility

What is the maximum Personal Loan you are eligible for?

The maximum amount of Personal Loan that can be availed depends on the income of the person. You need to have a minimum income of ₹ 15,000 per month. You would be eligible for a maximum loan of ₹ 25,00,000.

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